Jan Moves to Placerville

There we were, cruising along in mid-2007, finishing up our first CWPPs and getting our Chipping Programs started, when Jan Cokely, our first and only council coordinator, said, “I’m going to move to Placerville.”  

Our workload was increasing and we need more help, not less!

We quickly made a plan to have three Area Coordinators (Lexington Hills, South County and East Foothills) and started looking for the right people to coordinate our programs.

Jenn and Mike
Jenn and her
husband Mike

In floated an application from one Jenn Viane Riese, who had just moved back to San Jose from San Diego.  She was young and inexperienced but we decided to talk to her. Jan and I met her at Bill’s Restaurant in Willow Glen on 8/2/2007.  We had told her that we would be dressing casual for the interview.

After we had talked to Jenn and she had left, Jan and I both hesitatingly said (neither of us wanted to say it first), “She’s the one!” And we were both thinking about an overall Council Coordinator, not as an Area Manager.

Then Jan said, “Did you see those flip-flops?” We chuckled that it might not be the most appropriate dress for an interview but we didn’t let that stop us and Jenn stated to work for SCFSC soon after that.

Later when we laughed with Jenn about it, she let us know that in San Diego, “people even wear flip-flops to weddings.”

Jan did move to Placerville and continued to work for SCFSC as a Development Director writing grant applications and leading our fundraising program.  With our increasing workload, we also retained Shannon Dinis and the first South County Area Coordinator and Sergio Alatorre for East Foothills and Kim Gardner for Lexington Hills.

All of our coordinators work as part-time, independent contractors from their homes. SCFSC is a County-wide organization and has never had any offices or other facilities.  

Finally, we had a team that could handle our increasing workload.

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