Santa Clara County FireSafe Councils

SCFSC is a County-wide organization and is, of course, the primary FireSafe Council for Santa Clara County.

But we wanted to bring more focus to the communities we serve. And, for many people, our monthly meetings aren’t convenient and, as the meetings move around the county, the travel times for some people can be very long. Also, our monthly meetings don’t focus on the differing needs of individual communities.

In early 2010, we decided to address these issues by forming additional FireSafe Councils, as a part of SCFSC, to serve various areas of the county. Our first real success was the South Santa Clara County FireSafe Council for the Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin and south San Jose Communities at Risk. Shannon Dinis and Kellie Guerra, our South County Area Managers as Shannon was leaving and Kellie was starting, led this effort with the help of two volunteer leaders, retired San Jose Fire Department Fire Chief Jeff Clet and retired Gilroy Fire Department Division Chief Dave Bozzo.

The South County FireSafe Council successfully helped us expand our programs in these communities with monthly meetings in Morgan Hill or Gilroy and now areas like New Almaden are also participating in our programs.

An earlier effort to start an East Foothills FireSafe Council for East Foothills, Milpitas and east San Jose Communities at Risk has always been a more e-mail organized effort with no monthly meetings.

As SCFSC started the 5-year agreements with the Cities of Palo Alto and Saratoga and the Saratoga Fire District in late-2013 and early-2014, forming new FireSafe Councils for these areas as a part of SCFSC was included in the plan. In 2014, we started the Midpeninsula FireSafe Council for the Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills and Stanford Communities at Risk and the Saratoga Area FireSafe Council for the Saratoga Community at Risk including the Saratoga Fire District and unincorporated areas west of Saratoga. Starting new FireSafe Councils is a multi-year effort and we’re confident these new councils will help us expand our programs in these areas.

SCFSC also helped start the Soquel FireSafe Council in Santa Cruz County and the South Skyline Fire Safe Council which covers the area where the Counties of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo intersect. Both these FireSafe Councils are now independent from SCFSC.

But the San Benito Fire Safe Council (SBFSC) is a part of SCFSC. In late-2011, SBFSC, which was never an independent non-profit organization, was looking for a new fiscal sponsor. Since no other non-profit in San Benito County was in a position to be their fiscal sponsor, SCFSC agreed to sponsor them on a temporary basis until they found another sponsor or became an independent non-profit.

What about Lexington Hills? Why isn’t there a Lexington Hills FireSafe Council since SCFSC does so much work in that area? The answer is that the leaders in the Lexington Hills area simply decided they would rather work as part of SCFSC without forming a separate FireSafe Council.

Is “FireSafe” one word or two? Are there typos above? SCFSC and some other councils in California make it one word. The California Fire Safe Council and other councils don’t. There may be typos above but I hope we have them all right.

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Is this an official history of the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council?

No, this is how Judy and I remember it plus the contributions of many past and present SCFSC participants.

Can I contribute?

Yes, your comments are welcome and appreciated. Please use the Comment form at the bottom of each history page or use the Contact form.

Are we done yet?

No, there will be many more pages, photos and contributions.  Hopefully, the history of SCFSC will never be finished.

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