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The history of SCFSC is, of course, the history of the people who have worked for or participated in SCFSC and our programs. There have been and are many more SCFSC participants than the stories and articles below. Please use the Comments form at the bottom of this page or use the Contacts form to tell us about your experience with SCFSC.

Note: These stories are in the order they were published and have not been updated from when they were written. In some cases, they link to other Web Sites.  This first group were in early SCFSC newsletters and are not on the SCFSC Web Site now.

SJFD Battalion Chief Joe Carrillo (Published September 2003 in New Neighborhood Voice)

SJFD Fire Captain Ralph Ortega (Published January 2004)

Jan Cokely, Council Coordinator, Executive Coordinator and Development Director (Published August 2004)

SJFD Fire Captain Juan Diaz (Published December 2004)

Jim Ordons, SCFSC Second Vice President (Published August 2005)

SJFD Fire Captain José Guerrero (Published May 2006)

Rick Parfitt, SCFSC Secretary and Second Vice President (Published November 2006)

SVVFD Assistant Chief Jerry Serpa, SCFSC President (Published February 2007)

CAL FIRE Battalion Chief Nick Ciardella (Published March 2007)

Articles for the people below are from a previous SCFSC Web Site.  The links are to SCFSC newsletters (PDFs) - page through the newsletter to find the article.  These newsletters also contain other interesting SCFSC history.

Jenn Viane Riese, SCFSC Council Coordinator and Executive Director (Page 3, Published September 2007)

Shannon Dinis, SCFSC Area Coordinator and Area Manager (Page 3, Published September 2007)

SJFD Fire Captain Barry Stallard (Page 1, Published October 2007)

Kim Gardner, SCFSC Area Coordinator and Area Manager (Page 2, Published October 2007)

Sergio Alatorre, SCFSC Area Coordinator (Page 2, Published October 2008)

John Tang, SCFSC Secretary, First Vice President and Treasurer (Page 2, Published February 2009)

Kellie Guerra, SCFSC Area Coordinator and Area Manager (Page 2, Published February 2010)

Retired SJFD Fire Chief Jeff Clet, South County FSC Volunteer Leader (Page 3, Published June 2010)

Retired Gilroy Fire Chief Dave Bozzo, South County FSC Volunteer Leader (Page 3, Published June 2010)

SCCFD Deputy Chief Dirk Mattern (Page 1, Published December 2010 and Page 2, January 2013)

JLHS Fire Service Pathway Students (Page 2, Published July 2011)

Allan Thompson, SCFSC Second Vice President and Treasurer (Page 3, Published July 2011)

Chris Hughes, SCFSC Vice President (Page 2, Published October 2011)

June Salsbury, SCFSC Area Manager (Page 3, Published October 2011)

Brian Turner, SCFSC Project Coordinator (Page 3, Published October 2011)

Carla Ruigh, SCFSC Area Manager (Page 2, Published July 2012)

SCCFD Deputy Chief John Justice (Page 2, Published March 2013)

SJFD Fire Captain Steve Foreman (Pages 1 and 4, Published March 2013)

CAL FIRE Fire Captain Randy Castro, SCFSC Project Manager (Written in April 2013 but not published until 2015)

SJFD Fire Captain Mark Roberts (Written in May 2013 but not published until 2015)

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SJFD - San Jose Fire Department
SVVFD - Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department
SCCFD - Santa Clara County Fire Department


Is this an official history of the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council?

No, this is how Judy and I remember it plus the contributions of many past and present SCFSC participants.

Can I contribute?

Yes, your comments are welcome and appreciated. Please use the Comment form at the bottom of each history page or use the Contact form.

Are we done yet?

No, there will be many more pages, photos and contributions.  Hopefully, the history of SCFSC will never be finished.

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