Federal Grant Administrators and the California Fire Safe Council

In the beginning, before the current California Fire Safe Council existed, our federal grants were administered by the Sacramento Regional Foundation (2001 and 2003 grants). Of course, everything was on paper – including quarterly grant reports.

The basic process is that once a year the grant administrator opens the Grant Clearinghouse for grant applications (sometimes called grant proposals) from Fire Safe Councils and others. After a deadline for applications, a committee of "experts" selects the individual grant applications to be funded by one or more federal agencies like the Bureau of Land Management or the U.S. Forest Service. Then the federal agency makes a big grant to the grant administrator and the grant administrator administers the individual smaller grants to the Fire Safe Councils or other recipients.

The selection by a committee of "experts" simplifies both the selection process and the environmental clearances needed for the grants because the recipients are not chosen directly by the federal agencies.

California Fire Safe Council

Many Fire Safe Councils, like SCFSC, are independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations incorporated in California. Others are associated with homeowners associations or simply community groups aspiring to be non-profit organizations. The mission and purpose of these organizations is to protect people and homes and reduce the losses from wildfires.

The California Fire Safe Council is also a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose primary role is to administer the federal grants for the local Fire Safe Councils and other organizations like resource conservation districts, cities, counties and fire agencies, all of which are competing for the same federal dollars.

The history and evolution of the California Fire Safe Council is described in their Wikipedia article. The 2014 Federal Grant selectees are on their Web Site.

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SCFSC – Santa Clara Fire Safe Council Inc. or Santa Clara County FireSafe Council (we don't use SCCFSC).

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See for the SCFSC Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws and other public information including the public financial information in this history.


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