Other Grants and Donations

Now our cumulative Federal Grant Revenue is over $1.5 Million and our Revenue from other sources (Contributions, Donations and In-Kind Services) is over $1.7 Million.

Who are all these other sources? SCFSC has a very nice list of Grants and Donors. These donors have made donations ranging from $10 to over $100,000 to support SCFSC and our programs. And they have made all the difference in this uncertain world of Federal Grants.

All of these grants and donations are important but two donors stand out above all the others:

  • CAL FIRE not only led the formation of our Fire Safe Council but has also donated In-Kind Services to create fuel breaks and evacuation routes and other clearing projects. Most of this work has been done by their inmate crews from the Ben Lomond Camp in Santa Cruz County.

  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company has made many monetary and In-Kind Services donations to SCFSC. They made our first donation in 2004 and, in 2014, they made very significant grants to SCFSC and other Fire Safe Councils for fuel reduction projects and other purposes.
Allan Thompson and Stu Farwell
Allan Thompson and Stu Farwell

Many people have contributed to fundraising for SCFSC but one person really helped to start local fundraising for SCFSC in 2004 and the following years. Stu Farwell, from the Los Altos Hills County Fire District personally brought in many donations from the district and from companies he knew. This was particularly notable because the district had their own fuel reduction programs and SCFSC did not provide programs in their coverage area. Thank you, Stu, for starting local fundraising for SCFSC. This gave Jan and all of us the inspiration and confidence to follow your example. 

Jan Cokely and Dave Athey
Jan Cokely and Dave Athey

SCFSC now has 5-year agreements with the Cities of Palo Alto and Saratoga and the Saratoga Fire District to provide Hazardous Fuel Reduction and Community Outreach and Education Programs for their residents. These agreements enabled SCFSC to expand our programs into these communities and complete important projects including fuel break, evacuation routes and clearing projects done by CAL FIRE and two projects funded by PG&E in 2014. The Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs’ Association supported and helped initiate these agreements.

Many individuals have also contributed to SCFSC, both by preparing material to be chipped and by monetary contributions to SCFSC to support our programs.  Contributions to SCFSC of any amount are appreciated.

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Glossary for this chapter (see the Table of Contents for a more complete glossary):
CDF – California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, part of which is now called CAL FIRE.
SCFSC – Santa Clara Fire Safe Council Inc. or Santa Clara County FireSafe Council (we don't use SCCFSC).

References for this chapter:
See for the SCFSC Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws and other public information including the public financial information in this history.


Is this an official history of the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council?

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No, there will be many more pages, photos and contributions.  Hopefully, the history of SCFSC will never be finished.

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