SCFSC Federal Grants

The first three 2001 Federal Grants included a grant for Fire Safe Council startup expenses (you don't see any of these today) – and a grant to purchase a chipper. Yes, we came very close to having a big red chipper – it was sitting at the Almaden CDF Fire Station on McKeen Road waiting for SCFSC to pay for it. This was not unusual, many Fire Safe Councils purchased a chipper. But then we asked ourselves a few questions:

  1. Who's going to maintain and transport this chipper?
  2. Who can use it? Only CDF?
  3. What's the liability for a little non-profit with a dangerous chipper?

SCFSC decided not to buy a chipper and we asked to use that grant for Hazardous Fuel Reduction. We have never regretted that decision because:

  1. We don't need any chippers most days of the year and sometimes we need two or three on one day.
  2. Nobody wants to maintain, transport and operate a chipper for someone else.
  3. Contractors are available with chippers and crews at reasonable prices.

Now SCFSC has completed 27 Federal Grants from four Federal Agencies and also has a 2013 Federal Grant in progress and new 2014 and 2015 Federal Grants, all from the USDA Forest Service. All of the recent SCFSC Federal Grants are Hazardous Fuel Reduction grants which include funds for Community Outreach and Education.

A complete list of SCFSC Federal Grants is in an Appendix. This is an impressive list of Federal Grants, considering that Federal Grants are declining and especially that Santa Clara County does not have any national parks or forests or any significant federal lands in wildfire prone areas like many California counties do.

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Glossary for this chapter (see the Table of Contents for a more complete glossary):
CDF – California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, part of which is now called CAL FIRE.
SCFSC – Santa Clara Fire Safe Council Inc. or Santa Clara County FireSafe Council (we don't use SCCFSC).


Is this an official history of the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council?

No, this is how Judy and I remember it plus the contributions of many past and present SCFSC participants.

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No, there will be many more pages, photos and contributions.  Hopefully, the history of SCFSC will never be finished.

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